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If We Had Wings

Songs by Laura Copel

If We Had Wings consists of eleven songs crafted with ahava (love) and kavod (respect) for Jewish tradition and values.

The texts address spirituality, wonder, gratitude, and current events through a Jewish lens.

The musical styles combine and shift between ballad, jazz, folk, rock, country, and classical.

Written over sixteen years of profound personal and global change, these new settings for traditional words encourage the listener to find deeper and sometimes playful interpretations of the liturgy.

Producer: Scott Leader, Brick Road Studios, Scottsdale, AZ.


Vocalists: Ellen Allard, Cantor Melanie Blatt, Steve Brodsky, Joe Buchanan, Laura Copel, Happie Hoffman, Joanie Leeds, Naomi Less, Chava Mirel, Robbi Sherwin, and Abbie Strauss.


Cover art: Joanne Fink.

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